Community Happiness Representative

Job description

In Sabbar, we cherish our partners and gig workers; we are obsessed with providing them the promised value they deserve. As a Community Happiness Rep you will be the therapist, the lawyer, and the front-line advocate supporting our partners and gig workers by answering their inquiries and providing them with an awesome support experience.

Yes, customers reach out by phone, social media, email, WhatsApp, and some even pop up in the office (👀??) and a lot of time they get upset and refuse to listen. Take this opportunity to practice meditation and be like a duck, calm on the surface, but always paddling underneath.

Join us today to spread #دوام_الشيوخ to the community of Saudi Arabia and help ease the lives of our partners and gig workers by hiring easier and faster 🧡

What You Will Do:

  • Be your nerdiest self and immerse yourself in our products and services. This will help you provide the best and most accurate support for our customers
  • Provide seamless support to our partners and gig workers whether you're in the air, on land, or deep in the waters.
  • Don't worry, you will use an awesome tool called ZenDesk that unifies our communication channels.
  • Guide customers by holding their hand step-by-step as they navigate through our product... while maintaining social distancing rules, obviously
  • Get into problem-solving mode and handle issues like a champ 🤓
  • Facilitate communication between customers and internal departments when needed. Technical bugs goes to Engineering, unclear content goes to marketing, and so on. 
  • Generate reports and insights on the support inquiries to help us understand our customers better

No worries, you’ll be assigned to a mentor who will be responsible for your growth and development. You just have to be passionate and hungry enough to sustain your personal and professional growth with us 💪

Job requirements

  • You don't mind standing in line for hours to get a good meal. That's how patient you are.
  • Your friends choose you to vent amongst others because you are a great listener
  • Great multi-tasker and an expert in managing a million tabs at the same time (we will test you on this)
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written with the ability to handle conflicts
  • Fluent in English and Arabic, both verbal and written