Sr. Enterprise Business Developer

Job description

Do you have excellent communication skills? Are you that person who can convince someone that the color of the sky is red, the sun is blue, and the moon is green? Join us to rapid the growth of Sabbar's mission to bring modern staffing into the retail, F&B, hospitality & entertainment industries. This position is a right fit for you if you are passionate about meeting people, building relationships, and helping decision-makers to support their businesses to achieve ultimate growth. You are the enabler of decision-makers to revolutionize their businesses via Sabbar’s 21st-century staffing.

Your job is to understand the staffing pain of potential partners, then present Sabbar’s solution to decision-makers. You'd be sharpening your skills in building long-term relationships, communication & sales skills. If you have a problem-solver mentality, a go-getter attitude along with an entrepreneurial, hustling, and energetic spirit, we need you to spread #دوام_الشيوخ to the economy of Saudi Arabia and help businesses hire easier and faster 🧡. Hint! You will be making hundreds of calls, dozens of sale’s pitches, and be a superhero closer!

What will you do?

  • Prospect potential leads, and reach out to them introducing Sabbar’s solution
  • Manage the full business development cycle of your potential leads
  • Assist Business Development Department with inbound lead follow-up and outbound by managing new opportunities
  • Build a deep understanding of customer’s needs
  • Achieve sales targets above & beyond
  • You will be making tons of outbound calls, and sending hundreds of emails
  • You will be a deal CLOSER!

Job requirements

  • Minimum of +5 years in enterprise account management and/or business development
  • Excellent command of English and Arabic languages both verbal and written
  • Passion to help business owners & decision makers unlocking their organization’s potential
  • Eagerness to unlock maximum potential via solving problems effectively & efficiently
  • Excellent use of technology tools & systems
  • Strong executive presence over the phone and in meetings
  • Passionate about meeting people, helping people, and building strong relationships